About Us


GC Studio Architecture Interior Design

Gonzalez Casaus was founded in 2017 by Lucia Casaus and Alexis Gonzalez. The focus of our firm is the developing of architecture and interior design project. Our main goal, is to help our clients to translate their dreams and hopes into reality with quality and excellence in our services as the foundation of our practice. We believe that each project should emerge from the physical and social relationship with its surroundings, and from each client´s unique culture and taste. The base of our work is to fulfill each client´s functional and economic requirements while getting positive feedback from the final user of the space.

As a young and dynamic practice, we are eager to grow and deliver exquisite projects to our clients, keeping always our standards and philosophy intact. In Gonzalez Casaus, we believe that any given project need to have in consideration the exterior and interior design from early stages in the process. Our mindset in this aspect, is to bring all the needed professionals from the schematic design phase all the way until the keys are deliver to the owner, with this way of work and think, we make sure that everything fit into place before the first brick is lay on the ground.



Alexis has more than 15 years of experience in architecture design and construction projects. He started his career in NYC, where he gained experience developing projects all around the world for almost a decade. Before settling in Marbella, he also worked in Switzerland, where he was part of Villa development projects in amazing locations, such as Sankt Moritz.



Lucia Casaus has more than 15 years of experience in interior design projects. She has been based in Marbella for most of her career, from where she had the opportunity to be part of designing projects all around the world: Miami, Abu Dhabi, and France, among others.